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on Petters' related
( here ) & (here)
Doug Kelley  reveals  
Tens (10) of Billions in
Petters Fraud
here )

While Kelley
deliberately makes an
effort not to state more
than $50 Billion
- he says in excess of $40
- keeping silent
on the REAL Total

The fact of the matter is
- there is still
NO Complete Detailed
after 2 yrs
Important - NEWS  
Laser's letter to MN US Attorneys who apparently are all in on 2nd FRAUD (here)
What they are failing to inform the public of (and the Star Tribune refuses to report)
A brother of Asst US Attorney J Lackner worked the Petters Fraud and committed Suicide
See some of the story details ( here )

Congratulations Mr. Kelley -- your very own "Bring it on" website  --

How cronyism  of MN Judge ADM has become Corruption
Petters & Lancelot
Trustees' as they are suing
Ritchie Capital and owners

The message being
Let us steal your assets
we will Destroy you!
See the Details
( here ) ( here )
here )
NEWS  ---- Docu Drama Premier of Second Fraud Movie a HUGE Success!!!!!!
See  Public's reaction on YouTube ( here )  Details of 2nd Fraud Movie ( here )( here ) & ( here )
Doug Kelley worries ---
National Press begins to Report story of the  2nd Fraud ( here )

There was a National Press Club Symposium on the Federal Court Corruption
With emphasis on Petters victims being scammed Again!
see the wonderful insights by a True Washington inside r www.justice-integrity.org

Huntington Post article on Doug Kelley fleecing of Creditors & Victims ( here )
Censored News ( here ) - Wayne Madden Report Members ( here ) - Radio Show ( here )

Bloomberg BusinessWeek on Doug Kelley going after profit & investments ( here ) ( here)
Most of our readership has No idea who Stevanovich is - we are getting tips for updates
See Ritchie Attorney - Garrett Vail


Judge threatened Vail
- while he defended his client

and 2 more
US Marshals
came into the Courtroom

to make Judge Kyle's point clear

See local News Story
( here )
Petters Fraud
equal to or
Greater than
Federal Court Receiver Doug Kelley and his MN Bankruptcy Ring of Cohorts

Just because Doug Kelley has a Judge (Montgomery) and others letting him do the crimes does not make his actions legal!

We've beaten Paul Traub out of business - (as a sole indigent) - now I have Friends and Doug Kelley needs to STOP!
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Stop the Petters Scam
MN Corruption Details
Great Website
( here )

Justice Integrity Project
on 2nd Fraud( here )

Bankruptcy Misconduct
Kelley's fraud ( here )

Second Fraud Movie
Doug Kelley
and MN
Federal Court Corruption
( here )
If you take the time to look at Doug Kelley's filing ( here )

you will see that on page 4 of the pdf file in paragraph (item) 12 it states in excess of $40 billion - on page 11 of the pdf in
paragraph (item) 39 Doug Kelly now admits that
$19.6 Billion from M&I Bank - $12.6 Billion from Larry Reynolds
Nationwide (which he confessed at trial and the Press never mentioned) as well as
$12 billion from Catain. This does not
include Palm Beach Off Shore
$3 billion, Palm Beach I, II etc and Lancelot
Purportedly - the Statute of limitations forces Doug Kelley to Sue his protected

Kelley's suits against Mary Jeffries ( here ) and  Michael O'Shaughnessy  ( here )
Doug Kelley even sues the KingPin Organized Criminal -
Paul Traub ( here )

Doug Kelley's lawsuits are a SnowJob - he can settle with the Crooks and let them get off Scott Free - like  PaulTraub less
than $2 million. Though he did send a clear message to the powerful KingPin saying he participated in the Fraud
Organized Crime with Dept of Justice assistance

Frank Vennes - has never been charged because he is connected to parties like Senator Coleman, Rep Bachmann and many other high politicos who
were seeking Vennes's Presidential Pardon for fraud in the past.

Vennes' offer to Settle is a Crime ( here ) ( here ) & ( here )  Include is Chase Holdings for $1.97 million plus - Vennes' right hand man
( here ) ( here )
( here


* Fees Listed by Firm

* The Highest Hourly Rates

* Details of The Meter Calculations

When you add in
the additional facts revealed
in the
Second Fraud Movie
here )
Petters is much greater!
Court appointed officers accused JP Morgan of scheme participation (WSJ story ( here )).
When will the Creditors and Victims wake up and sue JP Morgan or petition Doug Kelley to remove Lindquist & Vennum
Madoff Trustee sues owners of NY Mets
Due to whom they are - however - their litigation is placed Under SEAL ( here ) & ( here )
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Paul Traub


Tax-paid public servants violating the Constitution and Civil Rights is a "
Color of Law" violation - as is pointed out by the FBI ( here ) ( here ) & ( here )
MN Bankruptcy Judge Kishel continues to betray his Oath

and violate the law in a "Color of Law" manner
- in order to benefit Receiver Doug Kelley's 2nd Fraud against victims/creditors! (2nd Fraud (
here )
If you take the time to look at Doug Kelley's filing ( here )
Madoff Trustee sues JP Morgan for $6 Billion -
and Settles Picower for $7 Billion  (
here )
BREAKING NEWS -- Doug Kelley's Petters Balance Sheet REPORT  ( here )

The balance sheet report makes little sense and does NOT detail how much money DK has (or expects to obtain).

BEST BREAKING NEWS -- The Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) REPORT ( here )

The PWC report is lengthy and details many relationships, you will have to print out many pages that are sideways in the
report. What is germane is - FINALLY - the public and creditors have part of the inside information that only the US
Attorney, the Receivers/Trustee's and firms receiving millions of dollars in fees have had the knowledge thereof.

Many more reports to come - Over 1000 pages - We will download/ review and upload in THIS space
Including -
Proof MetroGem - Vennes - Arrowhead are interrelated. With M&I Bank and more

But there still remain questions such as -
Why did K&R accountants rush to MN 10 days before the FBI raid?
- Some detailed reports
on the Petters cases
and their relationships
Ritchie Capital Files US Supreme Ct Brief
here )
National Press all over reporting the News
CNBC ( here ) Burlington VT ( here )
MN NBA website (
here ) SacBee ( here ) Yahoo ( here )

Pressures finally force SOME reports (below)
Michael O'Shaughnessy
Lindquist n Vennum
Bad Faith Dealings

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See Reports Below
We are now helping
Palm Beach Links Capital
victims and creditors


See Forbes story ( here )
MN Federal Courts are a cesspool of cronyism that is fostering corruption in our Federal Justice System(s).

More than once - Doug Kelley, who was unethically appointed as Federal Receiver
- has utilized his Judge Ann Montgomery and her cohort Judge Kishel to abuse creditors and victims by tyranny.
What the corrupting cohorts have overlooked (which cost Paul Traub his firm = TWICE) this webmaster never gives up
and one of the creditors is Mr. Ritchie whose family has a direct history to ending Nixon's tyranny by revealing Watergate

Abuse of power upon the very victims/creditors whom they swore an oath to protect will serve to be their politico demise!