A Fraud case similar to Petters saga in Florida -

where $30 million resulted in years in Prison
Palm Beach appears to be FRAUD CENTRAL  

a case where investors  were bilked out of $213 million
The Federal Receiver appointed therein
could only return
$4.6 million (here )

The FBI in Miami reports on a
Petters type Ponzi scheme
indication Petters should get 20 to 200 Years
( here )

Great insight into the vast quagmire of Palm Beach
Harold and Prevost by Forbes article & notes
( here )
Is Sun Country Vanishing
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Rachel Paulose abused her office & power;

Teen Challenge Billboard Petters Vennes
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Former US Attorney Paulose found guilty of
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White Collar fraud blog points
out that D C is funding additional efforts against
white collar criminal activity on Wall Street (
From the Dept of Justice website  ( here )
Criminal forfeiture is an action brought as
a part of the criminal prosecution .

It is an in personam (against the person) action
requires that the government
indict (charge) the property used or derived
from the crime along with the defendant.

If the jury finds the property forfeitable, the
court issues an order of forfeiture. (
here )

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Fidelis and Bachmann/Vennes