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Rumor has it that Greg Bell might plead guilty (here)
Meanwhile - another rumor has it that Vennes's lawyer is
selling his place
(here) (Thanks Avidor)
What about Jeffries, Baer, O'Shaughnessy, Tom and the rest of
the GANG (including Traub)??
Specious is the fact that Paul Traub's partner (Dreier) is now in
MN Camp Fed
(FCI) (here) (here)
Stupid is as Stupid Does!!!! - Dept of Justice Criminal Conspiracy eToys cost many a person sleepless nights

Paul Traub (here) - Michael Fox (here) Susan Balaschak (here) along with DOJ USA Connolly (here) along with Barry Gold
(CEO eToys ebc1) and Roberta DeAngelis and Mark Kenney of Region 3 US Trustee's office (
here) are engaged in a Criminal
Conspiracy to protect Paul Traub and the fact that MNAT (
here) asked and received the DE Federal Bankruptcy Court's
permission to
DESTROY the Books n Records of eToys in 2001.

When they offered Laser Haas an $800,000 bribe and had his own attorney email a Threat to Back Off - they had NO idea that
Roberta DeAngelis would be replaced as Region 3 Trustee (
Here) - that the Asst US Trustee would resign (Perch) that the
Director of the US Trustee in DC would Resign (
here) - whilst Chief Justice Mary F Walrath of DE BK Ct and Chief Justice
Robinson of DE Dist Ct would "quietly" step down and DE DIST Ct Judge KAJ would use a threat against MNAT and Traub
to get promoted to the 3rd Circuit Court. Then Region 3 Stapleton Resigned - DeAngelis was put back in - Colm Connolly
LOST his bid for Fed Ct and
US Attorney O'Brien committed Obstruction (Here) as he Threatened career Asst US
Attorneys to keep silent!

Now the NY Supreme Court case (601805/2002) is nearly 1/2 Under SEAL and Mitt Romney has a Billion$ Offshore that this
webmaster pointed out - as he Lost his President Bid (
Romney's Bain benefited from the $300 million eToys/KB bankruptcy
) - all because someone decided to pick on little ole me !!!!!!! They may "get me" as promised - but what a
legacy -huh!
POLAROID Sale Transactions and related issues are a SHAM

Yes we are getting notes and need more info on Robert McDonough, O'Shaughnessy & Prevost
Michael O'Shaughnessy states he "did not recall" signing guarantee for Petters loan as North Dakota Bank sues MinnWest
Bank for bogus loan (Star Tribune Story

US Attorney Superseding Indictment of Petters
(here) Petters June 16 Hearing (here)
US Attorney Motions to Strike Petters responses (here)Judge Denies US Attorney's  (here)
US Trustee files Brief Ritchie Appeal (here) Ritchie responds seeking 2 depose DK (here)

Polaroid Corp and Creditors file Briefs against Acorn (
here) & (here)
Order approving Adivity Advisors (here) UST Objects (here) Judge rescinds Order (here)
US Trustee seeks to convert Polaroid to Chptr 7 liquidation (here)
Ritchie fights for new Trustee PCI (here) (here) & (here) as True North makes note (here)

SSR Capital sues Fund of Funds & Advisors (here) Including Palm Beach, Prevost, Harrold,  etc
Other injustice Warriors - Meryl Lanson (here) & (here) - David O'Donnell (here)
Mo Hurley and his campaign for James Traficant (here) & (here)
against Carafo and corrupt US Attorney Craig Morford (here)
Rick Convertino was easily found Not Guilty and Morford was dis-robed by Mo single-handedly
It is a Very lonely place - being the only one that cares about Justice in a specific case!
Are the Authorities of MN and the Star Tribune responsible for Petters Fraud harming Twice  --Cui Bono?

The 2nd highest Bidder wins Polaroid, good reporters Promoted off Petters Story
Doug Kelley says Jeffries is not a person of interest (under what authority)
with no mention of why O'Shaughnessy, Baer, Hay, Vennes and others are not being prosecuted.

Doug Kelley seeks approval of Attorney to handle Petters Criminal issues (here)
And also seeks Patent Attorney (here)

The Police of the United States Bankruptcy Court are the DOJ United States Trustee
The US Trustee's responsibility is to monitor professionals & enforce the Law as governed by
18 USC 3057(a) (here) and 28 USC 586 - specifically 28 USC 586(a)(3)(F) (here)(here) & (here)
The fact remains DK was hired by PGW and publicly declared that Creditors are last (here)
- then - reacting to Illinois - DK is made the Receiver - a questionable act to say the least
Making PGW attorney a Receiver then a Trustee
- violates all the Codes/Rules of Law
-specifically Section 327(f) (here)
A counsel for the entity cannot be the Federal Receiver
and a Examiner/Receiver
cannot be Trustee

US Attorneys seeks forfeiture of items (here)
Vennes Receiver puts in fee request for his firm and Vennes Attorney (here) (here)
Vague Status Reports Vennes Receivership (
3rd paltry Report Petters Receivership (here)
Criminal Attorney Faigre Benson for Vennes (here) = mucho deniro for one NOT indicted
Are we the only ones who find it Strange that Vennes's Attorney is also the Creditors Committee Attorney ???
Judicial Immunity - PGW counsel being also Receiver, Trustee etc., and SEALed items ???
See Doug Kelley's Law firm and his qualifications (here)
Dept of Justice and ABA state a Receiver cannot be a Trustee (here) & (here)
Doug Kelley hired by PGW after Petters was raided and declared Creditors come last (here)(here)
Doug Kelley Affidavits declares "His" forensics Examined Petters (
here) we have seen this before (here)

It is a serious Conflict of Interest to be hired as PGW's attorney and then be appointed Receiver
Then Unlawfully DK is made Trustee (Section 327(f) (here) unlawful Judicial Immunity ( here )
NEWS -- Wall Street Journal reports on Bankruptcy Judges Routine illegal Rulings (here)
Ex - Routine illegal rulings  = Organized crime (see Petters former partner Paul Traub illegal history (here))
Motions seeking to sell Catain's Costa Rica house (here (here) MN Enchanted Point home (here)
Judge approves sale of Polaroid Super Camera (here) and finalizes Polaroid biz sale (here)

Insurance issue with Lancelot settled (
here) also approves Polaroid equipment sale (here)
Vennes Receiver gets fee approval (here) and Vennes attorney fees approved (here)
Motions seeking to sell Catain's Costa Rica house (here (here) MN Enchanted Point home (here)
Judge approves sale of Polaroid Super Camera (here) and finalizes Polaroid biz sale (here)

Insurance issue with Lancelot settled (
here) also approves Polaroid equipment sale (here)
Vennes Receiver gets fee approval (here) and Vennes attorney fees approved (here)

Meanwhile - the Acorn & Ritchie Appeals continues (
here) & (here) with US Trustee (here)
Transcripts (
Feb18) (Mar26) (Apr6) (Apr9) (Apr14) (Apr22) and April 16 (Pt1)(Pt2) & (Pt3)

Judge Kishel Orders Polaroid sales transactions to continue
Creditors Committee Objects to Acorn Emergency Motion to halt Polaroid sale (here) & (here)
CC puts in Exhibit of Transcript of Hearing to SEAL Polaroid
bid items (here)(here) &(here)
Acorn puts in  Motion to Stay Polaroid Sale Pending Appeal (here)
See Patriarch Partners Lynn Tilton discuss Polaroid Sale on CNBC (here)
Polaroid Earnings & Balance Sheet etc (here)
DE Lawfirm lawsuit of Female accusing female of Sexual harassment (here)
WARNING sexually explicit language in the brief